Tutankhamun, the new immersive experience, in September at IDEAL Barcelona


IDEAL Barcelona is premiering on the 15th of September 2023 the new exhibition that will take the public back 3,400 years in a unique experience that will allow them access to the temples, treasures and secrets of Ancient Egypt.

On this year 2023, we commemorate the centenary of the first time Tutankhamun’s tomb was entered. Even though it was discovered on the 4th of November 1922, it wasn’t until the 6th of February 1923 that the tomb could be accessed thanks to Howard Carter.

Tutankamon, una experiència immersiva (Tutankhamun, an immersive experience) is a MAD (Madrid Artes Digitales), Layers of Reality, SOM Produce and Stardust production.

Next fall, this same immersive experience will premiere in Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Tel Aviv and Stuttgart.

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