Aquella nit at the Villarroel Theatre

From 4 January 2020, Aquella nit, Midsummer (A play with songs) will be on at the Villarroel theatre.  Performed by Ivan Massagué and Marta Bayarri, it is directed by David Selvas. Light-hearted and fun, it is a rare gem. A romantic comedy that appeals to both the head and the heart, it is garnished with a sprinkling of ironic songs that dissect the tangled map of love.  David Greig’s play explores the exhilarating choices we all face when taking control of our lives and reinventing ourselves when we choose.

Helena is a divorce lawyer, involved with a married man for some time. Bob, who makes ends meet doing dodgy deals, has long since abandoned his plans to be a writer.  Helena and Bob meet in a bar and spend a weekend together that will change their lives forever. Lives which, like many of us, they live with the city as a constant backdrop – a maze where you can lose yourself but also find yourself.  Bob and Helena are to discover that what they think they want and what they really want are completely different things.

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Production details

Playwright: David Greig / Composer and lyricist: Gordon McIntyre / Direction: David Selvas / Translation: Cristina Genebat / Performers: Ivan Massagué and Marta Bayarri / Musicians: Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (TelemannRec.) / Scenography: Blanca Añón / Lighting: Mingo Albir / Wardrobe: Maria Armengol / Characterisation: Paula Ayuso / Sound design: Roger Àbalos / Arrangements: TelemannRec / Photography: Lander Larrañaga / Video: Mar Orfila / Graphic design: Joan Aguadé / Collaboration: Anabel Himbernon / A production by La Brutal and Minoria Absoluta


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