DMAX premieres the documentary miniseries Franco, The Life of the Dictator in Colour

Franco, The Life of the Dictator in Colour is a two-episode documentary miniseries that reviews the life of one of the most influential political figures in twentieth century Spain using archive material, often previously unseen, that has been colourised.  It is a biography that explores, amongst other things, his beginnings as a simple soldier, his ascension to head of state after victory in the civil war, and his capacity for retaining his position in power as supreme ruler of Spain for 36 years.

This new production by Minoria Absoluta for DMAX, VEO TV, follows in the wake of others such as Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour, and more recently Spain after the War: Francoism in Colour. Now is the time to review, with rigour and from a different visual perspective, the life of Francisco Franco.  Once again through the use of novel techniques in digital treatment, the most significant footage of the life of the Spanish dictator – some of which has never been released before – has been painstakingly colourised by a professional team combining the latest digital image treatment tools with a laborious process of documentation to enhance its realism and impressiveness.

The biopic Franco, The Life of the Dictator in Colour is comprised of archive material from the Filmoteca Española as well as private and state-funded, national and international film archives.  Franco was exhaustively filmed during his almost forty years as the Spanish head of state.  Although most of the material is sourced from NO-DO, the new format includes footage of his military beginnings in the 1920s, as well as of his increasingly preeminent role in the Spanish civil war.

 Footage from his private life that was never publically screened, visual documents such as family photos, photo reports, Spanish and foreign press articles are just some of the ingredients of the series that go to provide a complete picture of Francisco Franco.

Production team

Directed by: LUIS CARRIZO / Executive production: FRANCESC ESCRIBANO / Script: MANEL LUCAS and LUIS CARRIZO / Minoria Absoluta director of production: MIREIA GAITÁN / Minoria Absoluta executive producer: DAVID FELANI / Veo Televisión executive production: JUAN JOSÉ MORENO / Dmax executive production: ZAIDA SERRANO-PIEDECASAS, JAVIER LOPO and MARÍA RUBIO / Production director: JORDI MARQUÈS / Graphics: GUAYARMINA AMADOR / Sound design: DANIEL LLAMAS / Colourist: ALINE BIZ / Editing: ISAAC BERGADÀ / Music: ISRAEL MARCO

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