DMAX premieres the second season of Megaestructuras franquistas (Francoist megastructures)


On Monday, May 8, at 10:30 p.m., DMAX is premiering this successful Discovery original series that is returning to DMAX with five new themed episodes that unveil the “introhistory” of the main engineering works designed and built during Franco’s dictatorship that stood out because of their visual spectacle, technical functionality, as well as their symbolism. Franco wished to rebuild Spain, but he also wanted to leave his mark.

In this new season of Megaestructuras franquistas, the series dives into the vast net of swamps of the Ebro Basin. Their construction led to the flooding of many villages, and it forced thousands of people to abandon their homes. The series will also follow the trail of the nazis in Spain through the structures that were built with a clear goal during the years of World War II. Additionally, it will analyse the architectural style of the regime and Franco’s city plans to respond to the massive internal migration in the era of the industrial development. Finally, it will also unveil the secrets of the road and rail network created by Franco, as well as the boom of the national automobile industry.

The new episodes have been recorded in about twenty locations in Madrid, Catalonia, Galicia, the Canaries, Aragon, Castile and Leon, Andalusia, Extremadura, Navarre, Castile-La Mancha and Bordeaux (France). A wide itinerary that stops over at the main architectural and engineering works projected during Francoism and that the audience will get to know deeply with the contributions of historians, engineers, archaeologists, physicists, military history experts and direct witnesses of our history.

The combination of current images, file footage from the collection of our Filmoteca Española (Spanish Film Archive), dynamic infographics, as well as interviews, allows us to, in each thematic episode of the series, revise rigorously the main vestiges of the engineering of Franco’s regime, from their planning to their use and current state of preservation.

Directors: EULÀLIA GÓMEZ DURAN and XAVI VILA / Script: EULÀLIA GÓMEZ DURAN, XAVI VILA and ANNA-PRISCILA MAGRIÑÀ / Executive production: FRANCESC ESCRIBANO / Executive production: DMAX ZAIDA SERRANO-PIEDECASAS, JAVIER LOPO and MARÍA RUBIO / Executive production  Veo Televisión: JUAN JOSÉ MORENO / Executive production Minoria Absoluta: DAVID FELANI / Productor director Minoria Absoluta: MIREIA GAITÁN / Production director: JORDI MARQUÈS / Filmaker: XAVIER VILA / Photograpy: JOSEP SERRA, PATRICIO VIAL, TOMÁS YBARRA and XAVIER VILA / Writters: ANABEL HERRERA and ANNA-PRISCILA MAGRIÑÀ / Edition: ROGER GISPERT and CAMILA MARINONE / Graphics: SERGI ESGLEAS / Sound design: FRANCESC GOSALVES / Colour: ALINE BIZ / Narration: MIQUEL ROLDÁN / Documentation: ARACELI UZQUIANO / Photochemical review: JULIA NATALIA TORRES, MAR VALVERDE and YAIZA TENZA / Scanner: ÓSCAR CERDAN and ÍKER VELASCO / Edition assistant: LEIRE GIL



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