Està Passant consolidates it position in its time slot leading on to TN vespre

Està Passant rounded off its second season with optimum viewing figures, obtaining an average of 18.1%; 0.6 higher than last season when it debuted on TV3.

After more than 200 episodes the programme, directed and presented by Toni Soler, consolidated its position in a decisive time slot, just before the evening news programme TN vespre, averaging 370,000 viewers.

In February, the month the court hearings of the independence leaders started, it obtained its best figures with a share of 20.5%.  Ratings peaked on 26 February, with 614,000 viewers giving a share of 24.8%.

Toni Soler expressed his satisfaction with the programme’s good health:

We have consolidated the slot, despite losing a key figure with the departure of Òscar Andreu. I believe the programme has made some shrewd changes and is accomplishing its mission, which is to build up an audience for TN vespre.

Està Passant is also very active on social networks – its Twitter account has already attracted over 50,000 followers and the programme has made it into the daily rankings for the most viewed videos on the TV3 website.

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