The social reality of francoism with the premiere of three specials on NO-DO, women and childhood

DMAX has presented the history of the Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship and the dictator’s own life for the first time. To round off the trilogy DMAX has commissioned Minoria Absoluta to make three special documentaries that look at the history of NO-DO, the role of women in the regime, and childhood through the memories of well-known people.

La España soñada por Franco (The Spain Dreamt by Franco) is the first episode and will be broadcast on Monday 2 December.  This first instalment explains the role played by NO-DO, the regime’s official newsreel producer, whose films were required by law to be shown in all the almost 4,000 cinemas throughout Spain. During its existence, NO-DO became the major propaganda tool for Franco’s regime at home and abroad, but decades after its demise there are still many details that are unknown.

The second episode, Breed Pray Love, will examine the role of women during the Franco dictatorship.

The last episode is My Childhood during the Dictatorship in which unpublished images in colour of the time are combined with the reminiscences of well-known people in the public eye to evoke their memories of childhood and youth lived under Franco’s regime.

Starts 2 December at 22.30 on DMAX.


Production details

Direction: ARIADNA RELEA / Executive production: FRANCESC ESCRIBANO / Script: ANNA CAMPS, TXELL ESTEVE, BET ISASI-ISASMENDI and ARIADNA RELEA / Minoria Absoluta executive production: DAVID FELANI / Minoria Absoluta production director: MIREIA GAITÁN / Production director: JORDI MARQUÈS / Music: TOLO PRATS / Director of photography ARIADNA RELEA / Editing: CARLOS PRIETO / Graphics: GUAYARMINA AMADOR / Sound mixer: DANIEL LLAMAS

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