Premiere of the feature-length documentary Generalísmo, the Life of Franco in Colour

Generalísmo, the Life of Franco in Colour is a feature-length documentary recounting the life of Francisco Franco from a present-day perspective and in a way never before seen: in colour.  With the aim of framing his life within the history of Spain and the world, this film is a testament to the creative energy and production endeavour of a team of over 40 people who, thanks to techniques developed during the making of Spain in Two Trenches, the Civil War in Colour, have been able to advance and improve to achieve an exceptional final result allowing viewers to enjoy hitherto unseen images of the highest quality, all in colour.

The film offers a precisely profiled vision of Franco and an intensive narrative line with the aim of recreating for today’s viewers key moments from the past. 

The dictator Francisco Franco was the most significant political figure in Spanish 20th-century history, whose influence is still felt today. Drawing from archive material preserved in the Filmoteca Española, the film paints a rigorous and intense biographical portrait of the dictator; from his beginnings as a simple traditionalist soldier, to his taking control of the leadership of the insurrection and winning the civil war, and going on to revel in absolute power for almost 40 years.  

Generalísmo, the Life of Franco in Colour is a Minoria Absoluta production with the participation of VEO TELEVISIÓN and DMAX, made possible by the collaboration of the Filmoteca Española which allowed access to its documentary collections and the 4K digitalization of material resulting in the unprecedentedly high-quality images seen here for the first time.

Generalísmo, the Life of Franco in Colour, opens in cinemas in Madrid and Barcelona on 31 October.  The film will have been shown previously at Seminci, the prestigious international week of cinema at Valladolid. This screening will be on Saturday 26 October. 

Once it has opened in film theatres, it will be turned into a two-episode miniseries for television, each episode lasting an hour, and be broadcast on DMAX in mid-November with the title Franco, the Life of the Dictator in Colour. 

Artistic team

Directed by: LUIS CARRIZO / Production: FRANCESC ESCRIBANO  / Script: LUIS CARRIZO and MANEL LUCAS / DMAX executive production: ZAIDA SERRANO-PIEDECASAS, JAVIER LOPO and MARÍA RUBIO / VEO TELEVISIÓN executive production: JUAN JOSÉ MORENO / Minoria Absoluta executive production: DAVID FELANI / Minoria Absoluta production director MIREIA GAITÁN / Production director: JORDI MARQUÈS / Film editor: ISAAC BERGADÀ / Music: ISRAEL MARCO / Sound design: DANIEL LLAMAS / Colourist: ALINE BIZ / Graphics GUAYARMINA AMADOR / Documentation: LISA BERGER / Assistant director: EULÀLIA GÓMEZ / Coordination Filmoteca Española: REBECA HERNÁNDEZ / Photo-chemical correction: MARÍA MUÑOZ and MARIA DEL MAR VALVERDE / Film collections: PABLO REDONDO / Colour art director: STANTON RUTLEDGE / Colour producer: VIVEK RAO / Narration: JOAN CARLES GUSTEMS / Assistant editor: JOSAN ORTIZ / Production assistant: MARC HERRERO

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