Presentation of Dalí Cibernético at IDEAL


The IDEAL (Centre for Digital Arts) presents its new latest-generation immersive experience, the only one of its kind in the world, Dalí Cibernético.

IDEAL will host the world premiere of the Salvador Dalí immersive experience from September 2022 onwards. For the first time, visitors to an exhibition centre will be able to enter the metaverse with total freedom of movement and in a collective way. A virtual reality experience with total freedom of movement that will invite visitors to spend 15 minutes in a digital Dalí universe; a surreal and surprising world known as the Metaverse dalinian.

This project, backed by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, is where Dalí’s poetic and dreamlike universe can be seen in large-format projections, interactive installations, holograms, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. An immersive voyage around the artist’s mind that allows us to discover how the genius of his work was the result of an open, ambitious, provocative and scientific way of thinking.

DALÍ CIBERNÉTICO comes to IDEAL on 20 September 2022 with a sensational tour of Salvador Dalí’s best-known works from a completely new perspective.

Each visitor will be able to personalise a digital avatar, physically walk in the company of others through a virtual space where Dalí’s most famous works will come to life, and immerse themselves in an impossible journey through four quintessential Dalí environments: the sea, the sky, the desert and the void.

Dalí, the first digital artist in history, was a pioneer in the use of digital tools to create his works. His fascination with technology led him to pioneer the use of digital methods to create his pieces and work with the first computers and the first thinking machines to go beyond the limits of the reality that surrounds us.

Ever since he was young, he said that he found art anachronistic and foresaw that it would be “replaced by more fertile forms, as yet impossible to imagine, completely outside the limits of the fine arts and absolutely in keeping with our times”.

Dalí and his work pioneered what we are still exploring today under the generic category of avant-garde digital arts and the immersiveness of augmented reality.

In recent years the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí has diligently worked on the authorisation of Dalí’s works in the field of the digital arts. The IDEAL team has been working together with the artistic direction of the foundation for almost two years on the development of the contents and curation of DALÍ , discovering documentation and approaches to Dalí’s thought that until now have been unknown to the generalpublic.

As with all IDEAL productions, the Dalí immersive experience and its cybernetics boast a team of artists, studios and local experts that ensure the highest level of innovation and artistic excellence.

The exhibition is curated by Imma Fondevila and Anna Pou, in close collaboration with the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí Centre for Dalí Studies.

The installations occupying the 2000 m2 exhibition space are produced by Layers of Reality for IDEAL Barcelona in collaboration with digital artists and studios such as Antiloop, Blit Studio, Tururut and Burzon Comenge, among others. The soundtrack was composed by Rafel Plana.

DALÍ CIBERNÈTICO is scheduling an international tour over the next 4 years that will take in over 30 cities including London, Brussels, Zurich, Budapest, Munich, Turin, Rome, Cologne, Paris, Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Antwerp, Valencia and Bilbao. A future tour of the Americas and Asia-Pacific is also in the works.

An international co-production by Layers of Reality and Exhibition Hub, tickets on sale now at IDEAL Barcelona.

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