Classes commence in the Diploma in Scripting and Production of Comedy Programmes for Radio and Television

The university diploma specialising in scripting and production of comedy programmes for radio and television offers training in scriptwriting as well as the production, running, directing and design of comedy shows.

The classes have a significant practical component thanks to the presence of some teachers who are professionally linked to Minoria Absoluta. Also taking part in the course are well-known professionals in the field who talk about their experiences and influences in the world of comedy entertainment.

This is the sixth year that the course has been taught, and will feature prominent professionals such as:  the comedy duo Venga Monjas; the scriptwriter Júlia Cot; the stand-up Pilar de Francisco; scriptwriter Ignasi Taltavull, who is the current subdirector of the programme Està passant; Guillem Sans, director of APM; Quique García, scriptwriter of Mundo Today; and the director of Minoria Absoluta, Francesc Escribano, to name but a few.

The postgrad, directed by Manel Lucas and Francesc Vilallonga, is taught at the Blanquerna Faculty of Communication and has already provided professional openings for many of the students on previous years.

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