Smiley, the story of Alex and Bruno’s love affair, arrives on Netflix 7 December

Netflix has unveiled today the official poster and emission date for Smiley, along with an exclusive new clip and new photos from the series. The adaptation of the play of the same name by Guillem Clua drops globally on Netflix on 7 December with original audio in Spanish and Catalan, with the Catalan version dubbed by the same actors as star in the series.

The cast of Smiley features Miki Esparbé (El inocente, Reyes de la noche), Carlos Cuevas (Alguien tiene que morir, Merlí), Pepón Nieto (30 monedas, Los hombres de Paco), Meritxell Calvo (Amar es para siempre, Pulsaciones), Giannina Fruttero (La jauría, Ema), Eduardo Lloveras (Intimidad, The One), Ruth Llopis (Durante la tormenta, Valeria) and Ramon Pujol (Ciega a citas, El perfume: historia de un asesino).

In Smiley, Alex (Carlos Cuevas) has just suffered a disappointment in love. He had been getting his hopes up over a guy who, after a few weeks, pulled a textbook ghosting move on him. This does not go down well. So he picks up his phone and records a voice message that will prove to have wildly unexpected consequences… since he mistakenly sends it to someone called Bruno (Miki Esparbé), a perfect stranger. This simple mistake is the first in a chain of events that will change the lives of Alex and Bruno for ever.

Smiley is the greatest love story I have ever experienced. And as so often happens with love stories, it started with something very small which has grown over the years to become something that has changed my life. Over all this time Smiley has touched deep down the hearts of thousands of people in theatres all around the world, and it makes me very happy that it can continue to do so on a platform as proud of diversity as Netflix. Not only because Alex and Bruno’s story will reach millions more, but also because they both will become part of a whole new universe of LGTBI love stories. This is why I say Smiley is my greatest love story. And the best thing is it has only just begun.”

Guillem Clua, author and showrunner of Smiley.

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