Bajo la sombra de la cruz gamada (Under the shadow of the swastika)

  • Feature film
  • 2023
  • 65'
The beginning of the 20th century sees the birth of a far-right movement that, under the name of fascism, spreads rapidly throughout Europe. In his shadow are three dictators who mark his path: Mussolini, Hitler and Franco. To win the Civil War, Franco needs the help of Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, but in return he must become the Nazi's best ally. This is how Spain becomes a territory with the movement of German spies, while it is in charge of supplying its submarine fleet in the battle of the Atlantic.
  • Director
    X. Vila F.
  • Executive Production
    F. Escribano
  • Script
    A.P. Magriñà i X. Vila F.
  • Production Director
    J. Marquès