Viewership success for the documentary series España, el siglo XX en color

RTVE’s La2 premiered this December the documentary series España, el siglo XX en color (Spain, the 20th Century in Colour), with great viewing figures. The average for the broadcast of the first three episodes, on 21 December, was 4.8%, on a day when the channel’s average was 3.6%.

The broadcast of the following three episodes on 28 December was 6%, 2.3 points above the La2 average for the day, which stood at 3.7%. The broadcast overtook Cuatro and La Sexta during prime time.

The figure per episode are:

  • Episode 1: Los años 30 – parte 1: 3.6% | 506,000 viewers
  • Episode 2: Los años 30 – parte 2: 5.5% | 606,000 viewers
  • Episode 3: Los años 40: 6.5% | 514,000 viewers
  • Episode 4: Los años 50: 4.1% | 583,000 viewers
  • Episode 5: Los años 60: 6.7% | 813,000 viewers
  • Episode 6: Los años 70: 8% | 691,000 viewers


This project, which Minoria Absoluta produced for RTVE, is an ambitious production of six, one-hour, episodes portraying the 20th century as it has never been seen before, in full colour. Using a colourisation process, unpublished images of the 20th century can be seen in HD quality and in colour. A new way of looking at the past that enables us to understand the present.

España, el siglo XX en color is the first documentary series produced by RTVE with colourised archive material, and which has also been produced in collaboration with the Filmoteca Española.

The series was made to entertain and also familiarise viewers with our history in a didactic way without forgoing the spectacular nature and immediacy offered by colour archive images.

All six episodes can be watched HERE.



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