ProDocs Award for España, el siglo XX en color

Premi Docs

ProDocs (Documentary Producer Association) has given España, el siglo XX en color (Spain, the 20th Century in colour) the award for the best documentary series.

Any production can be presented to the awards provided it has been produced in Spain, financed for the television format and broadcast in television channels (in this case, La2, a RTVE channel) or platforms during 2022.

The winners of the 10th ProDocs awards were announced during the closing act of the Festival DocsBarcelona that took place at the CCCB. The award was accepted by Francesc Escribano, executive producer of the series, the two directors, Eulàlia Gómez Duran and Josep Serra Mateu, as well as the writer, Manel Lucas.

This project has been produced by Minoria Absoluta for RTVE and it’s an ambitious production of 6 episodes, each of them of 1 hour runtime, that portrays the 20th century as it has never been seen before, full-colour. Through a process of colourising, we are able to show unpublished images of the 20th century in HD quality and coloured. A new way of looking at the past that allows us to understand the present.

España, el siglo XX en color is the first documentary series produced by RTVE with coloured archive material that has also been made with the collaboration of the Filmoteca Española (Spanish Film Archive).

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