Pares Normals raises the curtain at the Teatro Poliorama

Pares Normals, a musical comedy in Catalan by Els Amics de les Arts, Marc Artigau and Minoria Absoluta, opens at the Teatro Poliorama on 18 November. The play is structured around 13 previously unreleased songs composed by Els Amics de les Arts.

Els Amics de les Arts, Marc Artigau and Minoria Absoluta present their first joint musical comedy, Pares normals, on 18 November at the Teatro Poliorama in Barcelona. The show, directed by Sergi Belbel, will celebrate its official opening on 29 November.

The music for the show was written by Els Amics de les Arts, who have composed 13 songs especially for the musical to be performed by the cast.

A meeting at a concert by the group in the Palau de la Música Catalana in 2018, was the catalyst that led them to create a musical theatre show with our team at Minoria Absoluta. After four years of work, Els Amics de les Arts are closer than ever to bringing to life one of their greatest projects and dreams: to create a musical. The feel of the stories contained in their discography was the starting point for producing a brand new musical in Catalan and with the ability to reach all audiences.

Minoría Absoluta has put everything into bringing Pares Normals to the stage, with choreography by Marta Tomasa and a cast consisting of Enric Cambray, Júlia Bonjoch, Annabel Totusaus, Albert Pérez, Lucía Torres, Anna Herebia, Bernat Cot and Víctor Gómez. They will be accompanied live by four musicians: Joan Martorell (piano), Vicens Martín (guitar), Anna Fusté (bass) and Laia Fortià (drums).


A story of reunion and reconciliation

The play deals, by means of irony and humour, with universal and profound themes such as the way in which people cope with the unexpected death of someone they love. It also talks about the search for identity and the part played by unpredictability in our love lives, in other words, the game of love and chance. But above all else, it aims to be a story of reunion and coming to terms with life.

The story of Pares Normals, set in the present day, deals with the most tragic aspect of love, while also speaking of love for others and the unexpected love that strikes you when you are least looking for it. Finally, the musical also takes a look at the difficulties for the living surrounding the fact of death in a consumerist and capitalist society, which turns dying into a business.

Aran (Enric Cambray) is the central character of the show. He is a guy in his thirties who, faced with the impossibility of seeing the world as his parents do, decides to make a life for himself thousands of kilometres away. He is a lawyer and lives in Chicago with his partner, Nora (Lucía Torres), who he is about to marry. He decides to tell his parents the news in person on a lightning trip to Barcelona.

The day he decides to travel to Barcelona, an unexpected accident disrupts all his plans and makes Aran take a long hard look at his entire life. He then sets off on a journey full of adventure that will take him further than he could ever have imagined. On this spur-of-the-moment journey he meets Laia (Júlia Bonjoch), a woman with whom he has much more in common than would seem at first glance.

The musical play Pares Normals is on at the Teatro Poliorama from 18 November until February 2023. Tickets are already on sale on the Teatro Poliorama website.




Written by: ELS AMICS DE LES ARTS, MARC ARTIGAU and MINORIA ABSOLUTA / Musical direction: ELS AMICS DE LES ARTS / Stage direction: SERGI BELBEL / Choreography: MARTA TOMASA / Cast: ENRIC CAMBRAY, JÚLIA BONJOCH, ANNABEL TOUSAUS, ALBERT PÉREZ, LUCÍA TORRES, ANNA HEREBIA, BERNAT COT and VÍCTOR GÓMEZ / Daughter: RAFAELLA DE ASSIS, LAIA PÉREZ, ONA MAS and EMMA ALEGRET / Band: JOAN MARTORELL, VICENS MARTÍN, ANNA FUSTER and LAIA FORTIÀ / Assistant musical direction: JOAN MARTORELL / Set design: ENRIC PLANAS / Lighting: KIKO PLANAS / Sound design: MARC SARDÀ / Costume design: MARC UDINA / Makeup design: HELENA FENOY and MARTA FERRER / Assistant director: ALÍCIA SERRAT / Musical advisor: ANDREU GALLÉN / Stage manager: TERESA NAVARRO / Microphone operator: MONTSE BORREGO / Stage technician: MARC AGRAMUNT / Production assistants: PAULA CORNET and MARTINA TAUBER / Production assistant: ESTER NARANJO / Costume Assistant: GUILLEM MARTÍ / Executive Production: DAVID FELANI, EVA MOR, RITA PERÉ and JORDI SELLAS / Production: ISAAC VILA / Technical Direction: MARC AMIGÓ / Communication and media: MARIA PERMANYER (Comedia) and ANNA PUJOL (Minoria Absoluta) / Social networks: CARLOS AGUILAR / Graphic design: MARINA VELASCO

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